Think Big and Grow Rich

Posted: May 2, 2009 in General, Passion

I read this in  a website,  I thought to share with others here…

In today’s competitive era we all rush behind success and start compromising with our self, but sometime everything get abortive due to the habbit of concentrating on every minute things.

Friends, hereby i am recapitalizing the strategies provided by many authors to make our life wonderful by changing our prospective and by doing self management.
So, appended are some problems we face in day to day life to which we are furnishing with resolution.

1. When little people try to drive you down, apply below strategies:-

  • You win when you refuse to fight with petty people.
  • Expect to be sniped at. It’s a proof you are proliferating.
  • Remind yourself that snipers are usually sick.

2. When that “I-have not-got-what-it-takes” feeling creep up on you,

  • Think again positive and big. If you think you are week, you are, if you think you are
    inadequate you are, so never underestimate urself rather allign urself on the way
    of self motivation. For proper resolution, look to appended tools.
  • Look Important – How u looks outside has a lot to do how u feels inside.
  • Concentrate on your assets and learn to supercharge urself. For this you can look in to the mirror and loudly repeat your good things. ex: I am a good speaker- 3 times, and it will turn u on.
  • Put other people in proper prospective.

3. When an argument seems inevitable or you are penetrating in the argument.

  • Ask urself “Honestly now, is this really important to argue on this matter.
  • Remind you will never gain anything from an argument.

4. When you feel defeated and abortive.

  • Regard the setback a lesson, learn from it, use it to propel you forward.
  • Blend persistence with experimentation. Back off and start fresh with new approach.

5. When you feel your progress on the job is slowing down.

  • Think i can do better, the best is not unattainable. There is ground for
    improvement and doing it better.

6. Take time to confer with urself “Sit in silent for some time”.

7. Lastly, Develop the habbit of pampering urself and try to keep less expectaion with people.

Please let me know your feedback about this…

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