The 6 Fuels of Inspiration

Posted: February 3, 2010 in General

By Robin Sharma.

I used to think the whole notion of inspiration was soft. I’ve now come to deeply understand it’s not. Every great act and innovation in science/arts/society was done under the spirit of inspiration. And as a Leader Without a Title, may I suggest that you owe it to yourself to get your levels of inspiration to world-class. In so doing, you’ll change the game. And elevate every thing you touch.

Here are 6 of the tactics I teach to employees of our corporate clients to help them stay inspired so they do great work:

1. Leverage Music. During your Holy Hour, listen to music that elevates your state and rekindles the fire in your belly. During workouts lately, I’ve been listening to Aerosmith. The flood of energy provoked runs me through my routine.

2. Be Near Art. At least once a week, find some free time to connect with art. Being around masterpieces and high works of creative self-expression will engage the genius within you.

3. Rise early. Leaders get up early. And once you do, make time to reflect. Reflect on your mission. Consider your deepest values. Deliberate on what you want the coming day – as well as the gift of your life – to stand for.

4. Love Good Food. Interesting food can be inspiring. If you usually eat meat and potatoes, try Malaysian food. If you usually have sandwiches for lunch, go for Japanese. Shaking things up grows your reserves of inspiration.

5. Read Great Books. Few fuels are as powerful an energizer than learning. As I wrote in a recent post I did on Twitter, “Learning drives passion.” And when it comes to learning, you just can’t beat reading. I try never to hold myself out as an ideal. I’m a simple/ordinary person – doing the best I can. But one thing I’m fairly good at is my commitment to reading every morning. And it moves me to drive my standards forward. Every single day.

6. Talk to Yourself. Words are so very powerful. Manage your vocabulary. In my new “Leadership in Turbulent Times” workshop, I encourage employees to use words that keep them in peak state. You won’t find Lewis Hamilton complaining and condemning before the big race.

Leadership has a lot to do with inspiration. Being uber-inspired helps you see solutions where others see problems. It helps you innovate. Move faster. And positively influence others. Please remember: you can’t inspire others until you get inspired. So we need you at your greatest. And absolute best.

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